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Clearing Out Sale 2014ϟguitarsϟgearϟpedalϟpartsϟ (arlington And Boston )

musical instruments in boston, ma - please try again if you haven't heard back from me. i apologize
for the delay ❥thanks to everyone who bought something already❤ if you'd like anything
from the list below please make plans to come whenever you can ϟ planning to complete clearing
out everything as soon as possible☃ prices are firm but dirt cheap. thanks for
looking! ☃early mesa engineering mark one head 60 watts, as used by weezer on blue album.
b/o☃ ☃ vintage 60's uk vox cab (excellent condition w/speaker as used by joy division
&others hold ☃ ☃ vintage bass synthesizer, foot pedals. basic deep sounds $100. simple and
excellent.☃ ☃ vintage early 80's japan fender squier sq strat. black/rosewood board $350.
great guitar. ☃ ☃ vintage early 80's japan fender squier sq strat. white/rosewood board
$300. fantastic. ☃ ☃ old yamaha fg 335 ii $125. tuners say japan. sounds fantastic.
☃ ☃ very funky cool telecaster bodies $80 each. ☃ ☃ adrenalinn roger linn dru...

Clearing Out Sale 2014ϟGuitars

Category: Musical Instruments
Source: SpreadMyAd
Delivery: Local Delivery
Location: Boston, MA

Tagged: squier sq, early japan fender, squier sq strat, japan fender, rosewood board, vintage early, early mesa, japan sounds fantastic, funky cool telecaster, black rosewood board

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Clearing Out Sale 2014ϟguitarsϟgearϟpedalϟpartsϟ Please Try Again If You Haven't Heard Back From Me. I Apologize
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