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Free Piano Tuning, Evaluation, & Restorations!!for Online Piano Sales.

pianos in hartford, ct - we want every piano sold on-line in top shape before sale!!! its for the
greater good of tomorrows amazing musicians. were on your side, always have been. tips only excepted
for exceptional work! jazzmen music and carousel apologizes for the shameless piano tech spamer and
his constant on-line slanderer on local private piano sales and our credibility as free lance
technicians. world class piano tech and performer: ryan david bird larson on call for you for
free!! www.ryan-larson.com www.jazzmenmusicandgallery.com restorations include: (in laymens
terms) getting your piano in tune with itself and letting you know if it needs to be raised in
pitch. getting the old piano honky tonk sound out of your piano. fixing any sticky or clicky
notes. finding out the cause of any buzzing noises and fixing it. restoring the graphite lubricant
on your hammers firing pins if needed. replacing or re-gluing ivories. bringing the natural
finish back to life! we can do it fast, its amazing, maybe a miracle. ...

Category: Pianos
Source: Musical Instrument Shopper
Price: $1
Delivery: Local Delivery
Location: Hartford, CT

Tagged: piano tech, piano sales, getting piano tune, larson jazzmenmusicandgallery restorations, include laymens terms, fixing sticky clicky, notes finding cause, ivories bringing natural, finish back life, fast amazing miracle

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Free Piano Tuning, Evaluation, We Want Every Piano Sold On-line In Top Shape Before Sale!!!
Free Piano Restorations!! ! We Can Do It Fast, Its Amazing, Maybe A Miracle. Polishing
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