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Hammond R-195 Mediterranean Organ W/ 25 Bass Pedals & Bench

bass instruments in orlando, fl - the hammond r-195 series organ was produced in the late 1970's.
this was hammonds last in line flagship tonewheel generator organs equipped with the finest built in
leslie unit called the rotosonic. features include 61 upper and lower keyboard manuals, two reverbs
with reverb on leslie effect enhancing the leslie effect. both manuals (keys) include drawbars for
each manual that can be manually set for your desired harmonics. upper keyboard also has the presets
which include drawbars, strings 8' , full tibias 16', and theater brass 16'.. lower presets include
flutes and strings 8', tibias 8' and ensemble 8' . both keyboard manuals has the famous highly
sought drawbars. there are nine individual drawbars to the upper and nine individual drawbars for
the lower keyboard manual. the upper keyboard manual also has the sought after percussion effects....

Hammond R-195 Mediterranean Or

Category: Bass Instruments
Source: Musical Instrument Shopper
Price: $650
Delivery: Local Delivery
Location: Orlando, FL

Tagged: keyboard manual, upper keyboard, presets include, lower keyboard, individual drawbars, keyboard manuals, leslie effect, keyboard manuals famous, highly sought drawbars, keyboard manual sought

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