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Vintage Mexican Zither (arpa Magica) Mahogany 15 String Lap Harp W/box

harps in fayetteville, nc - arpa magica, with fifteen strings, in terrific condition. it is about 15
1/4ins long and 7 1/4ins wide and 2ins deep. comes with origanal box with the corners of box and
has 30 guides. in the guides four and 6 are missing.which leaves 28 guides.which are also marked in
lid of box. you will received everything in images. asking price $25.00 call no texts just call...

Vintage Mexican Zither (Arpa M

Category: Harps
Source: Musical Instrument Shopper
Price: $25
Delivery: Local Delivery
Location: Fayetteville, NC

Tagged: leaves guides, ins long, terrific condition, vintage mexican, box guides guides, origanal box corners, missing leaves guides, marked lid box, received images asking, ins deep comes

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Vintage Mexican Zither (arpa Arpa Magica, With Fifteen Strings, In Terrific Condition.