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Harmonica Collection (berwyn)

harmonicas in chicago, il - hohner blues harp in original pouch, has wooden
composite comb. built on modular system, allowing...

Tagged: harmonica collection berwyn, http://aboutharp.com/tag, http://aboutharp.com/tag

Location: Chicago, IL

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Hohner Harmonica

harmonicas in chicago, il - blues harp harmonica retails on the web for 209 dollars
i'm askin 100...

Hohner harmonica

Location: Chicago, IL

wallapop - Listed Wednesday, Dec. 2nd, 2015 ( 686 days ago )

M. Hohner Marine Band Blues Harp Key Of G (tigard)

harps in portland, or - up for sale is a hohner harmonica in the key of g. made in
germany not china. lists for 65.00 to 70.00 bucks and i want thirty not twenty-five
or twenty. i live in tigard and that is where i'll meet you. at the police station
city hall complex. it's a good deal and will…...

M. Hohner Marine Band Blues Ha

Tagged: city hall, complex good, deal give

Location: Portland, OR

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Harmonica Holder W/ Blues Harp (southside Como Lake)

harmonicas in minneapolis, mn - vintage holder w/ hohner blues harp key of e play
guitar and harmonica at the same time ala mr...

Harmonica holder w/ blues harp

Tagged: blues harp, harmonica holder blues, key play guitar

Location: Minneapolis, MN

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Harmonica Mics (vero) $75

harmonicas in miami, fl - i have an extra shure green bullet. the bullet mic is a
standard for any blues harp player...

Harmonica mics (Vero) $75

Tagged: vero extra, harmonica mics, standard blues harp

Location: Miami, FL

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Astatic Jt-30rh Blues Harmonica Mic

harmonicas in yakima, wa - . cash only!!! $65.00 i have an identical mic labeled by
hohner that i love for blues harp and i have...

Tagged: harmonica mic, rh blues, astatic jt

Location: Yakima, WA

Musical Instrument Shopper - Listed Sunday, Dec. 22nd, 2013 ( 1396 days ago )

Blues Harp Harmonica

harmonicas in omaha, ne - nice harmonica comes with case will accept offers call...

Blues Harp Harmonica

Tagged: offers call, case accept, harmonica comes

Location: Omaha, NE

Musical Instrument Shopper - Listed Thursday, Nov. 7th, 2013 ( 1441 days ago )

Electro-voice 520dx (green Bullet Mic.)

musical instruments in san antonio, tx - the 520dx "green bullet" holds a
spot in history as the definitive blues harp voice. the 520dx...

Electro-Voice 520DX (Green Bul

Tagged: voice dx, green bullet, blues harp

Location: San Antonio, TX

Musical Instrument Shopper - Listed Tuesday, Oct. 22nd, 2013 ( 1457 days ago )

3 Horner Harmonicas

harmonicas in louisville, ky - have three horner harmonicas one is a blues harp key
of a. i is an old standby key of c...

3 Horner Harmonicas

Tagged: horner harmonicas, key old, key old standby

Location: Louisville, KY

Musical Instrument Shopper - Listed Tuesday, Oct. 1st, 2013 ( 1478 days ago )

1 Ms G Blues Harp For Sale Or Trade

harps in oklahoma city, ok - harp was made in germany. make cash offer or trade. text
or call. pics attached....

Tagged: attached , offer trade, germany cash

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Musical Instrument Shopper - Listed Wednesday, Sep. 18th, 2013 ( 1491 days ago )

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